Friday, January 19, 2018

Typhoid Martin

42 years ago this Lock family returned from a six year stint teaching in Papua New Guinea.  Our son Martin was born in Wewak hospital after a somewhat hazardous river crossing en route from Maprik to Wewak a distance of approx. 80 miles on a dirt road.
It was all good and Martin was born without complications.
Four years later the family, Kevin, Joan, Helen and Martin flew out of Port Moresby and home to Perth at the end of our contract in PNG.   We had purchased a lovely colonial house the previous year whilst on leave and we moved into our house and welcomed friends and family to a couple of parties.  Martin fell sick and eventually was diagnosed with Typhoid and interned in the infectious disease ward at Fremantle hospital.   Some 60 people had been in contact with Martin and the local health authorities had a big job contacting those people and allaying any fears of spread of the disease.   After five weeks Martin’s situation was declared safe and he came home to us.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Nice gift

Daughter Helen brought around a bottle of bubbly given to her by the family of one of her Pre-Primary pupils.  The lad was her best pupil of 2017 and the message on the bottle is rather cute.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bushfire hazard

I have been having a morning walk lately, through and around my suburb.  On the northern fenceline there is what was meant to be a nature strip featuring Grass Trees, Eucalyptus trees and other native species, however no maintenance has been done on this strip in years and it is ready for a firebug to toss a lighted match in and create a firestorm.

The Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea) in a non political correct era were called Blackboys.  In that past era young lads would set fire to them and we are now fortunate that iPhones, iPads et al keep kids busy and not setting bushfires.
Young Grass Tree

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Drama on Christmas Day

I went to my brother’s house for Xmas Day.  All of his family and partners were there and after a huge spread for lunch, bro did a Santa Claus and gave out the presents.  Mine from brother Graham and his partner Carole was a bottle of Chandon which I will look into tomorrow when my daughter Helen returns from their trip to Queensland.   Right at the end of pressie time bro Graham dropped to one knee and called his partner to centre stage.  I could see some drama unfolding there.  Bro told her that he hoped that she would accept this gift...sighs from a few people and Carole opened the new ear rings and put them on.

As it turned out, Carole knew what bro was going to do.  Laughs all round. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Great Danes

Daughter Helen has been looking after friends' dogs.  They are Great Danes....gentle giants; almost big enough to ride.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Ford/Simca Vedette sedan 1960 model

Sorting through piles of photos and negatives I found this pic of the rear of a house that we purchased in 1975 whilst on leave from teaching in Papua New Guinea.  The pic was taken circa 1960 and I wondered what make of car was in the photo.  It has an American look to it.      Just yesterday I saw a story on line about French cars and recognised the mystery car as a Simca Vedette.  
The American style is because the first models were made in the French Ford plant and sold as a Ford Vedette.  The  French company Simca took over the Ford plant and built more Vedettes, the last model being as pictured below.